Search Help

The Search-function helps you identify particular documents on our internet pages. To narrow down your results we recommend you to refine your search.

The most important search options:

caries Finds pages containing the exact whole word or words containing the exact word

caries prevention Finds pages containing at least one of the words. (OR search)

+caries +treatment Finds pages that contain both the word <caries> and the word <treatment>. (AND search)

caries - treatment Finds pages that contain <caries> and ignores pages that contain <treatment>.

"prevents caries" Finds pages on which the word <prevents> is followed immediately by the word <caries>. (phrase search)

cari* *=wildcard search; finds <caries>, <carious>, etc.

+caries +treatm* - prev* A combination of search criteria allows more specific searching and improves the results.